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Retail Price (MSRP): $567.00

Sale Price: $455.00
Item #ELE-COP-1
Copyette EH 1-2-1 (single copy) MONO with Erase Head
Portable 1/2 track, 2 channel monaural copier produces 1 copy from a cassette master at 16x normal speed. Features include: track select, erase heads, removable power cord, carrying handle and a protective hard cover. 10 lbs.

The new and improved Copyette EH 1-2-1 (single copy) and 1-2-3 (three copies) are both available in mono and stereo and now offer the convenience of automatic erase heads. With this feature, a previously recorded cassette can be copied over as easily as a blank tape without noise or distortion. These portable cassette copiers feature one button operation, carrying handle, slanted work surface and spacious, quick loading cassette pockets.

Simply insert the master and blank cassettes "heads up" into the pockets, press the start button and the Copyette EH does the rest. First, it rewinds all tapes to the beginning, then copies and rewinds all tapes before stopping. It also features a cycle button that, when pressed, will advance the operation to the next mode. The Side Select Feature allows the user to set up the unit to copy one side of a tape or both.

The Copyette EH is compact and lightweight with a hard cover provided for protection. The unit uses dc servo drive motors for the ultimate in reliability and carriers a one-year warranty on parts and labor and 90 days on heads.

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