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Amar Khalsa - A Life Portrayal of Sikh Martyrs DVD
1716-1783 is a period of adversity, hardship and turmoil in the Sikh History. The policy of the mughal rulers was total extinction of Sikhs. They endured tortures without a groan or curse. They preferred death to a life of apostasy. They kept praying and remained firmly committed to their faith until their last breath. Amongst the most tyrants was Mir Mannu and his men, Sikhs had to leave the comforts of thier homes and face hadship in jungles, Hills and Deserts, Moving military columns were sent to hunt them down. Rewards were announced who brought Sikhs dead or alive. Amar Khalsa is about those brave sons & daughters of Guru Gobind Singh Ji who remained firm, steadfast and unshaken. !!!!!

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