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Item #MED-DVD-38
Sundri - The Brave Kaur - An Animated Adaptation of a Masterpiece by Bhai Vir Singh Jee (Punjabi with English subtitles) DVD
Animation (in Punjabi with English subtitles) of the story of Sundri - The Brave Kaur - The Masterpiece by Bhai Vir Singh. Ji. Based on a popular folk song and set in the historical period of Mir Manu that is notorious for large scale massacre of the Sikhs, Sundri is a symbolic representative of that milieu. Nawabs and courtiers were bent upon annihilating the Sikhs. The rulers were lustful and tyrannical. Hindus as a class failed to meet the challenge. At the best they could offer compensation to get back the captured girls. The story depicts incidents and events which inculcate universal brotherhood and love for humanity. A Sikh girl treats an injured Moghul sepoy but on learning that she is a Sikh woman he attacks with his dagger. Surasti, the earlier name of Sundri, was forcibly taken away by the Moghul official and left to the destiny by her own husband and father. Sundri depicts the story of the Sikh women during those hard times, where they remained steadfast and composed, facing ordeals and hardships but still smiling in the name of the Guru. Excellent resource for kids and adults.

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