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Sunday, January 17, 2021

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Welcome to SikhLink.net
Welcome to SikhLink.net, your one-stop shopping center for all your Sikhism-related needs. We are not only referring to the vast SikhLink Store with the capacity to order any Sikhism-related items you need, but we are talking about the diverse resources available on SikhLink.net ranging from fun and learning Games for both children and adults, to a powerful Auction site (coming soon!!) where you can buy and sell various used and new items. Did we forget the SikhLink Discussion Forum where you can chat with people from all over the world on various Sikh topics or the SikhLink Promotionals where you can order custom designed promotional items to promote your business or to give momentos to youth attending your camps. We do all the research and marketing for you and you can sit in peace knowing that you are getting the best deal at the lowest price.

How else can you define a diverse site? Would the addition of a carefully selected and tested list of various Sikhism-related Resources make the difference, where you get to see all the best Sikhism-related links available in cyberspace.

Our Mission and Goal
SikhLink is dedicated to Linking the Sikhs in CyberSpace. For Web novices and enthusiasts alike, SikhLink.net can be considered the one true portal through which objective web-wide access to Sikhism-related Resources will remain our first priority. Today, SikhLink.net delivers the ultimate Internet experience with the integration of content, commerce and community platforms, creating a broad range of highly distinctive products and services for our users.

We are trying every possible way to make this link grow, may it be through our discussion forum, or youth pages, or Auctions, or Resources, or through our comprehensive list of Sikh businesses and organizations throughout the world that will be coming up soon. Our mission is to give the best possible service to our customers. Youth will always be a priority in our list and we will always be striving to bring more and more useful resources for youth on this site.

Brief History of SikhLink.net
Great ideas, deep concerns for the community, and a fascination with using the latest technology inspired the creation of SikhLink.net. We had the technical expertise, the web knowledge and experience to build a "Dream-come-true" website in SikhLink.net. This idea bases it's roots to a lunch meeting in 1995 and it took almost 5 years to materialize into a real website. We still consider it growing and our goals are not fulfilled yet. We anticipate another couple of years to see the whole dream in action.

Purpose of SikhLink.net
The dream of SikhLink.net was never one of profit-making or becoming a millionaire overnight. SikhLink.net is rather a resource than a business. It is a site full of learning and knowledge. We do have a vast Store with a very high potential, but even the idea of the Store was not for profit. It will eventually pay for the server costs and the other overheads we have, but items will never be priced at exhorbitant unaffordable rates. It is a resource for people living in this western part of the world where there is scarcity of reasonably priced Sikhism-related items. We order the items in bulk shipments and divide the shipping and handling charges amongst our customers. SikhLink.net is rapidly emerging as a one-stop shopping center for any Sikhism-related resource you may want.

Operation of SikhLink.net
SikhLink.net is wholly owned and operated by SikhLink, LLC, a Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Maryland, USA. We totally operate on the internet and thus do not have many overhead charges like warehouse charges, mortgages, etc., though we do incur charges for server maintenance and the like. We can thus afford to offer free resources to our users and keep our prices low in our Store.

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