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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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    Category: Punjabi Software

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    Item #PUN-SFT-386
    iPanjabi Software
    iPanjabi Software

    A Great tool for learning Punjabi. Designed for Children, Parents, and Teachers. Ideal for both home and classroom use. Comes with a fully illustrated color manual. A MUST for every Punjabi School. Use this excellent interactive software to:

    • Become familiar with the shapes & sounds of the letters of the alphabet
    • Learn numbers and days of the week
    • Learn pronunciation of simple and advanced Panjabi words
    • Play word games
    • Learn the functions of vowels
    • Learn to spell & Test yourself
    • Search Panjabi - English dictionary
    • Increase proficiency in vocabulary
    • Learn & Test your Sikh history
    • And much more...
    Great gift for children and adults. Further information and screen shots can be viewed by Clicking HERE.
    Price: $45.00

    Item #PUN-SFT-387
    Punjabi Guru Software
    Punjabi Guru Software

    Punjabi Guru is an extremely interactive and an audio-visual delight that guides you by the hand to assist you in the learning of the Punjabi language. It helps you learn Punjabi to a point where you can speak like a local inhabitant.

  • punjabiGuru guides you through animated, real-life situations encountered on a trip to India.
  • Educator-designed, interactive activities like ‘Workout’ familiarise foreign concepts.
  • Games help check your progress.
  • Taste the spice of Indian life - from an Indian wedding to the Taj Mahal; from the festival of Holi to an Indian bazaar
  • Learn and practice the Punjabi script.

    punjabiGuru’s interactive design and carefully selected contents let you see your own learning pace and equip you to participate in day-to-day Punjabi conversation.

    Sample the spice of life in India: Attend an Indian wedding, visit the Taj Mahal, celebrate the festival of Holi, shop at the Indian Bazaar...and more. Read Cultural Notes along the way.

    Entertainment: Boggle, Patience, Crossword, Orient Express, Lamp of Learning, Folk Tales and Rhymes.

    Reference: Dictionary, Illustrated Encyclopedia, Compendium of names. encyclopedia

    punjabiGuru has been created with the help of linguists. Perfect for beginners and familiar users alike, punjabiGuru teaches naturally, the way you learnt your first language.

    Identify yourself with the language by watching and listening to animated Punjabi conversations about frequently encountered situations. Discover the Punjabi equivalents of over a thousand commonly used English words or even the meaning of names. Learn while reading enchanting stories or even while playing games, and you could be on your way to being a Punjabi Guru!

    System Requirements

  • Multimedia PC with Pentium-133 or higher processor
  • 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Audio board
  • Headphones or speakers
  • SVGA 256-colour display (or higher)
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98 or Windows NT with 640 X 480 256-color display (or higher), Arial, Arial Bold, Arial Italic, Arial Bold Italic True Type Fonts
  • Price: $49.99

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